This material is in support of the Fractals class taught by Bob Holloran at the CFCC Senior Institute, 2010. Based on The Teaching Company's Chaos Course by Professor Steven Strogatz, Cornell University.

Class Notes 2.12.2010

Class Notes 2.05.2010


Class Notes 1.29.2010

Class Notes 1.22.2010

Class Notes 1.08.2010

Fractal Software

    • XaoS - Interactive Fractal Zoomer (free)
    • Fractalworks is a high performance, universal fractal rendering program for Macintosh (free)
    • Fractal Domains is a shareware program that generates fractal images ($20)
    • Apophysis - Freeware fractal flame editor for Windows


mandelbrot set
Interplanetary Superhighway

Hohmann Transfer Orbit

mandelbrot set
Mandelbrot Set

strange attractor
Strange Attractor

Rössler Attractor

Romanesco Cauliflower
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